Research and Knowledge Transfer | ᓇᓇᑲᒋᒋᑫᐎᐣ ᒥᓇ ᑭᑫᑕᒪᐎᐣ ᑭᑭᓄᒪᑫᐎᓇᐣ

To support reciprocity and connections with local and global Indigenous Peoples in order to gain an understanding of our current food system and measure change as we move towards a sovereign food system in all our communities. Knowledge transfers provide opportunities for community members to share innovations and best practices through forums such as the NAN food symposium.


Current food distribution feasibility study, NAN specific community food assessment, and food pricing, will provide baseline data from which we can measure change and gauge the effectiveness of various community based actions.

Focused community-led research can provide insight into various aspects of our food system. NAN’s Annual Food Symposium, NAN Get Growing video, invitations to present at provincial, national, international conferences can support shared experiences and learning opportunities. An online web portal will build networks of people to support community actions. NAN is engaging with other First Nations to host a National Indigenous food summit in the future.

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