Local Production | ᐃᐡᑯᓂᑲᓂᐠ ᑲᐅᔑᒋᑲᑌᑭᐣ

Food produced and harvested within individual communities is food that does not have to be purchased in the market based system. Local food production offers economic development opportunities through alternative marketing structures. Hunting, fishing, trapping, berry picking, plant harvesting, and gardening all play a role in primary food production.


Community based actions such as gardens, hunter supports, collective harvests, and community freezers as well as the inclusion of past, present, and future areas for local production in land use planning initiatives both on reserve and in traditional territories offers opportunities for support of local food production as well as increased opportunities for learning through hands-on skill building, inclusion of support in local food production, recognizing the knowledge holders within NAN territory, and identifying “community champions.”

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