Imported Food | ᑲᑕᑯᐎᒋᑲᑌᑭᐣ ᒥᒋᒪᐣ

The current food system in NAN territory is unaffordable, inefficient, unhealthy, and not sustainable. Communities have limited choices in purchasing locally sourced foods as most food are imported outside of Ontario/Canada. The majority of these foods are high in fat, sugar and salt that contribute to the diabetes and obesity epidemics plaguing NAN communities.


Increased control of market based imported foods is key to making healthy affordable foods more available to all NAN members. 

  • Explore purchasing strategies to exert control over imported foods
  • Buying locally sourced food that is closest geographically to your community, establishing food buying clubs (bulk food orders), alternative access through good food boxes and or other models operating as social enterprises
  • Re-building the current food distribution system
  • Using your power as a consumer to change what is brought into your communities
  • Integrating food programs such as school breakfast programs and good food boxes within existing funded programs such as, Aboriginal Healthy Babies Healthy Children, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Child Nutrition, and Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative can facilitate long term sustainability of programs aimed at making imported foods more accessible and available to all our people at all times.

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