2009 Food Symposium Summary

Opening remarks from Grand Chief Stan Beardy set the tone for the 2 day Food Symposium.

Grand Chief commented on how food was gathered historically for thousands of years and sustained the Anishnabie people. How people ate was available in relation to the seasons and were physically active gathering food as a whole community. The people were genetically and metabolically tuned to make the most of our food. The relationship between food and health has been lost and has caused increases in diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, even among young people.

“We need to reclaim our decision making power in the food system.”

Some recommendations:

  • Host another symposium in the spring or fall to learn skills needed to plant, harvest and preserve a variety of food.
  • Assist communities to start community gardens involving the Elders and young people.
  • Learn from the Elders about times they planted vegetables and harvested wild foods.
  • Provide Teachings on wild food/traditional foods- harvesting/preserving
  • Develop a NAN website for information on gardening/traditional foods/recipes/nutrition.
  • Explore opportunities for trade amongst the NAN communities and other regional sources (i.e. blueberries for vegetables)
  • Chart a visual map of the food trail from U.S./South America to our table
  • Explore bulk buying clubs.
  • Learn about what foods can be grown in the North.

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