Executive Council

Opening Remarks from former Grand Chief Harvey Yesno and former Deputy Grand Chief Goyce Kakegamic

“Access to healthy and nutritious food is a priority for NAN First Nations, and we are developing community-based solutions to reclaim our right to food self-determination by growing our own food, finding efficiencies in food distribution, and exploring opportunities to support and build local community food economies while advocating for changes to government policy.”
― Former Grand Chief Harvey Yesno

ᓂᑕᒼ ᐅᑎᑭᑐᐎᐣ ᑭᒋ ᐅᑭᒪᑲᐣ ᐦᐋᕒᐱ ᔦᐢᓄ
“ᒋᑌᐱᓂᑲᑌᐠ ᑲᒥᓄᐡᑲᑫᒪᑲᐠ ᒥᓇ ᑲᒥᓋᔑᐠ ᒥᒋᒼ ᐅᓂᑲᓇᑐᓇᐗ ᐊᓂᔑᓇᐯ ᐊᐢᑭ ᐃᐡᑯᓂᑲᓇᐣ, ᐁᑾ ᒥᓇ ᑐᓇᒋᑫᒥᐣ ᐊᓂᔑᓂᓂᑲᐠ ᑲᐅᒋᐅᓇᒋᑲᑌᐠ ᑫᐃᔑ ᒥᓄᓴᓂᐗᐠ ᐁᑭᐌᐅᑕᐱᓂᑲᑌᐠ ᑭᒥᓂᑯᐎᓂᓇᐣ ᒥᒋᒼ ᐅᓀᐣᑕᒧᐎᐣ ᒋᑭᓂᑕᐎᑭᑐᔭᐠ ᑎᐱᓇᐌ ᓂᒥᒋᒥᓇᐣ, ᒋᑭᒥᑲᒪᐠ ᑫᐃᔑᒥᓄᓭᐠ ᑲᐱᒥᐎᒋᑲᑌᐠ ᒥᒋᒪᐣ, ᒥᓇ ᐁᓇᓇᑲᒋᑐᔭᐠ ᑫᑭ ᐅᒋ ᐎᒋᒋᑲᑌᑭᐣ ᒥᓇ ᒋᐅᓇᒋᑲᑌᑭᐣ ᒥᒋᒼ ᒪᒋᑕᐎᓇᐣ ᒣᑾᐨ ᐁᑲᓄᒋᑲᑌᑭᐣ ᒋᑭᐊᒋᓭᑭᐣ ᐅᑭᒪᐎᐣ ᐅᑎᓇᑯᓂᑫᐎᓇᐣ᙮”
― ᑭᒋ ᐅᑭᒪᑲᐣ ᐦᐋᕒᐱ ᔦᐢᓄ

“Listen, learn and share what you know-it will take each of us to reclaim our right to food self-determination to stop the advancement of disease that is taking our Elders and young people before their time.”
― Former Deputy Grand Chief Goyce Kakegamic

ᓂᑕᒼ ᐅᑎᑭᑐᐎᐣ ᑭᒋ ᐅᑭᒪᑲᓀᐢ
“ᓇᑐᑕᐣ, ᑭᑫᑕᒪᐎᐣ ᒥᓇ ᒋᒥᑭᐌᔭᐣ ᑲᐃᔑ ᑭᑫᑕᒪᐣ – ᑲᑭᓇ ᑲᑕᓯᓄᔭᐠ ᐁᑕ ᑕᑭᓯᓭ ᐁᑭᐌᐅᑕᐱᓂᑲᑌᐠ ᑭᒥᓂᑯᐎᓂᓇᐣ ᒥᒋᒼ ᐅᓀᐣᑕᒧᐎᐣ ᒋᑭᐅᒋ ᑭᐱᑎᓂᑲᑌᐠ ᑲᓂᑌᐱᓂᑯᔭᐠ ᐊᑯᓯᐎᓇᐣ ᐃᐃᒪ ᑲᐅᐣᑕᐱᓀᐗᐨ ᑭᑭᒋᔭᔭᒥᓇᓇᐠ ᒥᓇ ᑭᑐᐡᑲᑎᓯᒥᓇᓇᐠ ᐅᓴᒼ ᐎᐸᐨ ᐁᑭᔑᐱᐡᑲᒧᐗᐨ ᐅᑎᐸᐦᐃᑲᓂᐗ᙮”
― ᑭᒋ ᐅᑭᒪᑲᓀᐢ ᑳᐃᐢ ᑲᑫᑲᒥᐠ