Grow Tower Community Drop-In Session


North Caribou Lake’s Boreal Garden Project

In the summer of 2016, a garden was born in North Caribou Lake First Nation. Though originally intended for participants of the New Horizons detoxification program, the project has brought together people of all ages from across the community. Earlier this month, I shared…

Innovative Greenhouses in Fort Severn

For the past four summers, Ontario’s most Northern community has been growing all kinds of delicious fruits and vegetables in greenhouses. In December, I called Lydia Mathews, one of Fort Severn First Nation’s gardeners, to tell me more about it. The project started four…

Wapekeka Greenhouse Photos – September 2017

Wild game photos by Tehya and Meadow Quachegan of Moose Cree First Nation

Tehya Quachegan, Age 16 and Meadow Quachegan, Age 14 who both attend Churchill High School in Thunder Bay, Ontario submitted photos of the hunt, butchering, and preparation of traditional wild game along with their father, Greg Quachegan.

Food processing in Peawanuck First Nation

Loreen Hunter-Koostachin from Peawanuck First Nation submits food processing photos of Canadian Geese, snow geese, caribou, rabbit, and white fish…

Blueberries in Aroland

Sheldon from Aroland shares blueberry picking photos…

Poplar Hill Garden