Need help with a nutrition project or resource? Submissions due December 15, 2017

From Sarah and Sharmaline, Community Nutritionists at Ontario’s First Nation & Inuit Health Branch:

In an email we sent in August, Sarah and I mentioned that we mentor dietetic/nutrition interns over the course of the year. Our next intern, Joby, will join the Region on January 8th for 4 weeks.

As previously,  we would like to offer Joby an opportunity to work with you on a nutrition related resource or activity. In this way, your community will benefit from her expertise, while she will get to learn about nutrition in your community. Joby would have just completed a short rotation with another dietitian at the North Shore Tribal Council prior to her arrival at the Region.

Do you have a nutrition related resource/project that you are working on that you would like help with? Although there are many potential pieces you might have in mind, it could include a nutrition activity plan, a workshop outline with speaker notes, nutrition poster content, radio show speaking points, recipe collection for a cooking class with key messages, a nutrition based skit….there are many possibilities. As long as it is related to nutrition education, Joby (with a little mentoring from Sarah and myself) can likely help you.

If this is of interest to you, please get back to either Sarah or Sharmaline with your ideas by December 15th, as this will give Joby/us time to connect with you and discuss your idea, timelines etc. Please note that if the demand is high, we will prioritise communities that do not have a resident dietitian.