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Registration deadline: April 25
Ecological Design & Gardening: Intro to Permaculture
April 30-May 1 (Perth)
Only 3 spots left!

Permaculture Design Course (PDC)
April 30-May 1 (Perth); August 6-7 (Perth); September 17-18 (Ottawa); October 22-23 (Ottawa); November 5-6 (Ottawa)

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To register: or 613-267-1926

Permaculture Berries plants

Aboriginal Knowledge & Permaculture

Permaculture Design Course & Aboriginal Knowledge (14 days)
May 14 to 29 (Manitoulin Island)
There is a waiting list for this course.  Please contact us if you are interested.

Anishnaabek Skills & Knowledge Course (4 days)
May 26 to 29 (Manitoulin Island)

Contact: or 613-267-1926

Blog: Coming Home through Permaculture & Aboriginal Teachings

Permaculture Aboriginal Teachings






Our Partners

NEW! “Fruitful Ottawa: Growing great fruit in the city” & Heron Community Orchard Volunteer Orientation
April 30, 2pm

This presentation will cover the basics of planting fruit trees, shrubs and edible perennials in your yard, community garden or community orchard.  A discussion of trouble shooting, plant health, local resources, and an introduction to food forest design (applicable at any scale, large or small).  At the end there will be an orientation session for anyone interested in volunteering with the Heron Park Community Orchard this growing season.  Register online.

NEW! Earth Skills Gathering
Blueberry Mountain, Lanark Highlands, ON
June 22 to 24
Join us for a great weekend of like-minded nature and ancestral-skills enthusiasts eager to practice and share skills and experiences. Potential topics may include:

  • Fire starting
  • Wild edibles
  • Animal tracking & bird language
  • Shelter building
  • Blacksmithing
  • Food preparation and preservation (i.e. dutch oven recipes, etc)
  • Primitive traps
  • Carving
  • Natural fiber rope making
  • Martial arts
  • Nature awareness and connection exercises

… and other Bushcraft, Survival, Homesteading, and Permaculture related topics geared towards connecting with nature, creating resilient communities and care-taking the land. Read more and register online

Our Community

NEW! Call-out to the Community: Come Share Skills & Participate
Permaculture Week (May 16th-21st)
The folks from Rebel! Rebuild! Rewild! are planning a Permaculture Week to be hosted on a 200-acre organic farm on Algonquin Territory in Wakefield, Quebec. People are welcomed to attend for as long as they want, and share skills they have.

Rebel! Rebuild! Rewild! (June 1st-5th)
R!R!R! takes place on the same farm. It focuses on: “bringing together the two camps of the environmental movement – one which focuses on resistance to industry and one which focuses on creative solutions to the world’s problems. We believe both approaches are absolutely vital. We would like to see more collaboration and more interconnectivity between folks belonging to these two camps.”
For more info, contact Anton: